Wedding Party of Three


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The radiant bride has her fantasy fulfilled…but not by her groom.

Cassie wants something more from her best friend David than the beautiful locket he’s bought her for her wedding—she wants to know how it feels to be in his arms. On the eve of her wedding, she seduces him. Would he succumb? How far would their affair go?

Until her fiancé Ryan catches them…

Release Date: August 5, 2012

Formats Available: Kindle

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance, Menage a Trois


Word Count: 8,625 words


“Hey there, gorgeous.”

A voice from the doorway drew my gaze away from the mirror, where I’d been admiring myself in my wedding dress. It belonged to my childhood best friend, David, and the sight of his ruggedly attractive face—and those frank, very blue eyes that could see straight to my soul—sent my heart thudding and my blood boiling. It had been that way for me since I was eighteen, when he’d kissed me for the first time under the mistletoe. But I had a great boyfriend then, my now-fiancé Ryan, whom I loved very much. So, I shoved those feelings aside, determined to keep David in the BFF box.

Now that I’m getting married, my perspective changed. I was resolved to deal with those unwanted feelings and get them out of the way in preparation for my married life.

“David!” I shrieked, launching myself into his arms.

He laughed as he hugged me. “Careful, or you’ll ruin this dress.”

I grinned up at him. “It’s okay. Daddy will get me another one.”

“Still the spoiled little rich girl, huh?” He tousled my hair affectionately.

I wrinkled my nose at him. “Daddy loves me.”

“And you’re his only daughter.”

I laughed. “There’s that. I’m so glad you can come.”

David had been stationed in Singapore by his company for the past three years and only came home occasionally due to the long distance he needed to travel. I always thought he’d bring back an Asian bride on one of his trips home, but so far, that hadn’t happened yet.

“What’s a wedding without your best friend, huh?” He winked. “Stand back and let me look at you.”

I took several steps back in the small dressing room at my father’s house. It was the afternoon before the wedding, and friends and family who were to be at the rehearsal dinner were congregating in the living room, where my parents were entertaining them.

Though there was nothing remotely sexual in David’s gaze as he surveyed me from head to toe, desire pooled in my belly and my aroused nipples poked through the thin bodice. The upper part of the gown molded to my body, and my breasts were full enough that I didn’t need a bra to give it justice. His gaze sharpened when he reached my chest, but other than that, his expression remained one of smiling pride and joy for me.

For the first time since I firmed my resolve, I had doubts. Could I do it? Could I seduce my best friend into having sex with me? What if he was unaffected by me? Yet, there was that kiss…

“Ryan is a lucky groom,” he said when he met my eyes. His hoarse voice gave me hope. As did the slight tent in his trousers.

Men of Fortune 1: Derek


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Sometimes, a man will risk all…for love.

Derek Fortune considers himself the luckiest of men when his girlfriend Carly married him. He knew she has issues, but he’s confident he has been making headway. After all, what girl wouldn’t get a serious boost at having landed an eligible bachelor like him? Not that he’s bragging, mind you.

That’s why he’s devastated when he accidentally read a passage in Carly’s diary to find out he’s apparently made no progress at all. Carly’s deep-seated insecurity, born of childhood abuse, continues to eat at her, making her doubt everything. He’s afraid that it would soon poison his marriage.

Which he couldn’t let happen. He loves her, but does he love her enough to pit her salvation against his own demons? Could he swallow his pride and ask his cousins for help? Even if his cousins agreed, would Carly consent to this unorthodox solution?

Publisher: Chained Hearts Publishing

Release Date: March 2012

Genre: Erotic Contemporary, Menage

ISBN: 978-1-4660-7185-8

Amazon ASIN: B007FU6SVI

Word Count: 28,270


A most unusual arrangement…“So what you guys are telling me is that you’ve all had hard-ons for my wife?” Derek couldn’t help but ask in incredulity.Oliver held up his hands. “Don’t kill me, please. It’s a natural reaction to a woman I’m attracted to, but I promise I’ve never done anything about it.”

“Guilty,” Matthias said.

“I know I should be immune, since I’m surrounded by attractive women all day,” Adam mused, “but there’s something about your wife, Derek. Or maybe I’m just such a man-whore. Not that I’m thinking of stealing her from you. I don’t poach.”

“I don’t see what’s the fuss all about,” Lily chimed in, sitting up on Matthias’s lap and facing them. “You’ve all had hard-ons for me and fucked me with them, too. Sometimes, I think you Fortune men have more or less the same tastes in women.”

Nathan simply nodded.

Derek stared at them, stunned, his mind whirling at super speed.

Perhaps this was the answer. He remembered when he was younger, how his perception of himself was boosted whenever a beautiful woman hit on him. Perhaps it worked the same way on a woman.

He checked to be sure, never mind that his survey consisted of one respondent. “Lily, would you say your confidence is boosted every time a handsome man made a pass at you?”

“He doesn’t even have to be handsome.” Lily giggled. “Okay, okay, seriously, yes. His attention reinforced the fact that I’m attractive to the opposite sex. It made me feel good about myself.”

“Your ego is boosted, and you gain confidence in yourself as a woman,” Adam concluded in triumph.

“A sexy woman who could have any man in the palm of her hands,” Lily purred.

All the men save Derek saluted her with their beer.

Nothing could be more powerful to convince a woman of her attractiveness than a man’s hard cock, erect because of her.

Yes, this could be the answer!

And it tied in with his own need to see her claimed and possessed by his cousins, the brothers of his heart.

Before he changed his mind, he took a deep breath and asked, “My friends, how would you like to help me convince my wife of her worth?”

“I’m your man.”

“Whatever you need, pal.”

“You don’t even have to ask.”

“Just tell us what you need us to do.”

“Anything.” This last came from Lily.

Derek looked each person in the eyes, these friends whom he trusted with his life. Now, he was going to entrust them with something even more precious than his life. “How would you like to fuck my wife?”