Hello! I’m here!

I’ve been blogging for some time…okay, on and off. More off than on, because real life is just so busy, and whatever free time I have is spent writing.

But anyway, I decided to “move house” and so, here I am in Word Press. Hope to enjoy my stay here and make lots of friends!

I’ll be transferring over some old posts from the old blog, mostly those regarding my books, but other than that, this is a new “house” and deserves new “furniture”, don’t you think? *wink*

Oh, I didn’t introduce myself, did I?

I’m Sienna Matthews and I write delicious (if I say so myself) erotic romance, and I dabble in several sub-genres. Mainly, my published works are contemporary, but I’ve some in the works which are fantasy, fairy tale and paranormal. These are all still in progress, and I’ll finish them as soon as I can whip up some more free time to give them the attention they deserve.