Tempting Their Best Friend: What It’s All About

Madison and I have sorta finalized the blurb. It might still change as the editor takes a look at it, but nothing substantial, I think.

The progress we’re seeing makes me excited, as we move toward the publication date on August 22. We’ve got lots of things planned, and we’ll unveil it all out here in this blog, or on my website, when it’s done. (hint, hint, web designer)

For those who are interested in the length, it’s a good-sized novella, maybe around 25,000 words. It’s currently up for pre-order at Amazon at $0.99! Click here: http://amzn.to/2s59k9u

So, here it is:

Taking a chance has never been so fun.

Things to do on a Saturday night:

Watch National Geographic on TV? Check.
Sexy times with lover and best friend Ethan Hunter? Check.
Going to a party with other best friend Shelli Madison?

Not if he can help it.

But Adrian Greene doesn’t have a choice. Having Ethan at the same party is his only consolation until  a mistletoe-induced kiss with Shelli heats his blood, sends his fantasies rioting and hardens his…body.

And when Ethan expresses the same interest in Shelli? Things get a helluva lot more interesting.

Wicked shenanigans, seduction maneuvers and naked times ensue as the men think up of creative ways to tempt their best friend into something more…all without destroying their friendship.

Tempting their best friend has never been so sweet…or delicious.

Product Warnings: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language and sexual situations such as anal sex, m/m/f pairing and double penetration.

Pre-order: Tempting Their Best Friend

Good news! TEMPTING THEIR BEST FRIEND is up for pre-order at Amazon! Click here: http://amzn.to/2s59k9u

It’s $0.99 until release day, after which it will revert to its usual price of $3.99. This is the first book in my series collaboration with Madison Blake, due to be published August 22! Oh, series title is No Holds Barred.

Cover: I’ve seen the draft and it’s amazing! Sexy, naughty, exactly what this book is!

Edits: We’re doing this presently, and we’re nearing the finish line. *fingers crossed*

But what is the book about? You may ask in confusion.

Well, it features best friends–all three of them–some wicked shenanigans, naked time, and a gameboard! Madison and I are currently working on the blurb, but we leave you for the moment with this:

Tempting their best friend has never been so sweet…or delicious.


Exclusive Guest Post by S.N. McKibben, Author of Seducing Sensei

Looking for love, Moriel Reis finds it—
but why here?
Guest Post

I have invited S.N. McKibben, author of SEDUCING SENSEI, to make a confession! Hear her out:

Confessions of a Romance Author

There is nothing more alienating than when readers don’t understand the story an author has written. On the other hand, there is nothing that crates unity than when a reader gets exactly why an author published a book. When the reader feels a story was written exactly for them, something magical happens. It’s that feeling you get when you know unequivocally, that you are not alone. That there is someone out there that thinks just as you do. There is a connection and you don’t even know the person on the other end. But because of the connection you gain a reason to try harder for your fellow man, to be considerate, and attempt to understand others.

My stories may seem silly, my characters may make stupid decisions, and my books may touch a nerve you never thought possible. But I can also tell you that I gain a lot of inspiration from real life. Yes, there are real life people that make stupid decisions. Those decisions may even make it into a story. The worse decisions usually do get into my books. Why? Because life is stranger than fiction. And sometimes my stories reach a person who understands exactly what I wrote because they are that person or have seen this situation. That is the person I write for. That is the person all writers write for. I’m not capable of writing stories without social and sexual taboos, and until people realize that sexual deviance isn’t a taboo, I’ll have plenty to write about.

Continue reading

Exclusive Interview with Elizabeth Crowens, Author of Silent Meridian

From Award Winning Author
Elizabeth Crowens
When timelines clash
beyond the logic of science,
and the key to the future lies
in clues from the past…

1. Please tell us something unique about you that we can’t learn from your bio.

I’m an avid antiquarian book collector and own a significant collection of original Victorian books from first editions of famous authors to science books to stage magic from back then.

2. What’s your favorite part of writing?

Traveling to do my research. I’d love to be able to afford to get a “flat” in London so I could stay over there for months at a time. It’s also easy to get to other parts of Europe from London.

3. What’s the strangest thing you’ve learned while researching a book?

Researching my Time Traveler Professor series has been like trying to solve a mystery. Often puzzle pieces fall into place regarding facts on real characters in the oddest ways. One time I was in Edinburgh and decided to go a different route than usual. That’s when I stumbled upon a volunteer organization that researched family heritage for Scottish families, and I came up with resources I probably wouldn’t have found otherwise. That’s what I call a happy accident.

4. If you could live in one of your stories, which one would you choose and why?

I get so much into my stories when I’m writing them that I feel like I am already living inside them. However, I don’t think I’d willingly choose to do so, especially the suspense novel that I’m revising right now.

5. What stories do you have in the works right now?

Right now I’m juggling two novels. One is the sequel to Silent Meridian, A Pocketful of Lodestones, that takes place from 1914-1917 during the Great War or WWI. The other is a suspense novel with a female protagonist that is based on a true story in 1983. The title is being changed, so I don’t want to give you the old one. Continue reading


Sorry to be gone so long… terrible of me, I know. So what’s been happening in Sienna land?

  1. I think I mentioned before I’m doing a collaboration on a series of books with fellow author, Madison Blake. Madison is a popular author from Ellora’s Cave, and you’ll see more of her books soon! In collaboration with me, of course. *wink* You’re getting 2 authors for the price of 1. Wow! In fact, the first book is scheduled  to be published in late August.
  2. Aside from the collaboration, I’m also doing a spin-off series of the series in #1. I’ve already got two books planned. I’ve plans for a reader contest, which I’ll unveil soon.
  3. I’m also doing another series called Erotic Fairy Tales. Fairy tales have been a staple in my life growing up, and now as an adult, I still love fairy tale retellings, with or without the erotic elements. I hope you’ll love my spin on things. I’ve got 3 books planned here with more to come!
  4. My website is still undergoing construction, but I’ve put my foot down and told my website designer he better have the site up and running by end June or else!
  5. Oh, I’ve got some of my books on Inside Romance, a new romance bookstore. They’re giving a 20% discount on all books until tomorrow!! Last day!! Coupon code: GRAND20  Support this new venture (and me!) by buying my books there. Let’s not let the big conglomerates (you know who I’m talking about) have a monopoly on our book buying practices!

Till next time!

New Collaboration with Author Madison Blake!

Wow, everything seems to be new, huh? New website, new collaboration, new year. LOL

Anyway, I’m collaborating with author Madison Blake (you might have heard of her. She’s formerly with Ellora’s Cave) on a series of brand new stories! Maybe two series. Serieses? Oh anyway, I’m so excited for this venture, and I’ll be back with more news soon.

Good news for the new year, huh? *wink*