Fairy Tales!

I’ve got writer’s block in my current WIP, so I’m taking a break and working on a favorite trope of mine — fairy tale retellings.

Which seemed to be the norm these days, with Snow White being made into 2 different movies, Hansel and Gretel (love love love Jeremy Renner and Gemma Aterton, though the story could be improved) , Rapunzel (Tangled)….and I’m sure there are others, but the titles escape me at the moment.

I’ve got several favorite fairy tales that have been brewing in my mind for years, such as :

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves – I’m not sure if I can make it seven. Or if I will. That’s an awful lot of men for one girl, don’t you think? Oh, and then there’s the prince. Eight? *faints*

Sleeping Beauty – not sure what kind of story I can make from this, but it’s obvious I’d need to revise this a lot, because there needs to be interaction between the hero/es and heroine. She can’t be sleeping the entire time. Oh wait! Is sleeping a euphemism for something else???

Cinderella – This has got to be the most re-told fairy tale. Mine started with a question: Why would the king need to throw the prince a ball to find a bride? Don’t princes marry princesses of other kingdoms to form advantageous political alliances? What could have happened that would necessitate this prince to find a bride within his own kingdom? That started my mind brewing, and yes, I’ve got a 3-book idea, but time!!! I need more time to write.

Don’t we all. More time to write. More time to read. To play games. To promote the heck out of our books…to–well, you get the idea.

Do you notice one common thing among the pics above?

What is it with fairy tale women/princesses and animals??

What about you? What fairy tales do you want to see retold?