Threesome Heat – coming soon!

For those who’ve been looking forward to this, I have the best holiday present for you!ThreesomePlay_SM_300x480

I’m so excited to announce the continuation of Cara’s story with her hunks (Threesome Play, book 2, Amazon Top 50 paid gay book)! Thanks to those who love these characters so much and emailed me to ask for more!

THREESOME HEAT will be released sometime in March or April. I’ll post the blurb as soon as my publisher approves it.  🙂 Presently, the cover artist is working on the cover. I can’t wait to see what she’ll come up with!

And it all started with Lynne and her men in Threesome Interlude (book 1)…

Sh. Tell you a secret…

When I was writing Lynne’s story, it was meant to be a standalone. A short, quick rush of lust to rev up our juices…a fun way to look at elevators…and I definitely remember Lynne and her guys whenever I’m in one now and hoping for my own two hunks to come along…

ThreesomeInterlude_SM_300x450Somewhere along the way, these characters take on a life of their own. Lynne, for one, developed a best friend (Cara Wilson), who has her own wants and needs and fears and insecurities, and demands her own story.

Good characters are dynamic. In Threesome Play (book 2), we see a snapshot of Cara, Kyle and Max. In the upcoming THREESOME HEAT (book 3), we’ll see their relationship change and evolve. What challenge/s await Cara and her men?

Wait and see!

Threesome Play

Available Now: Amazon Kindle

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When opportunity comes, grab it. Or them.

Cara Wilson just wants what her best friend has—a good man to love and who loves her back, and maybe the occasional threesome with another man for some excitement in the bedroom.

When two gorgeous hunks move in next door, her chance has come! The hot sex that follows a sweaty car wash proves she’s got it in hand (and mouth and…) What can go wrong?


* Sequel to Threesome Interlude by Sienna Matthews, but can be read as stand alone

Release Date: September 2, 2012

Formats Available: Kindle

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance, GLBT, Menage a Trois

Amazon ASIN: B00957KYNC

Word Count: 14,175 words


“Want me…?” Kyle gestured toward Max’s tent pole.

Max shook his head. “Let’s finish washing the car, then we can go in and play in earnest.”

“You should’ve said so earlier,” Kyle complained, drawing up his shorts and boxers in one go. “I would’ve washed faster.”

“Not that you did a lot,” Max said drily, pointedly looking at the unsoaped parts, which were all on Kyle’s half of the car.

“I did say those neighborhood kids would be handy,” Kyle muttered, picking up his sponge from the floor—he didn’t even remember dropping it—and swiping at the car as he went back. “Especially that hot blonde next door.”

“Hot blonde?” Max’s brows were raised. “Would she be giving the car or you a hand?”

Kyle grinned, unrepentant. “I’d prefer her mouth, or her tight, wet sheath.”

“I wouldn’t know about tight or wet, but she is hot,” Max remarked.

Kyle grinned even wider as he applied himself to the car, his mind happily occupied with thoughts of long, tanned legs, a tiny waist and generous breasts that would fill his hands. Now, if only said hot blonde would sashay her sweet ass over to their place, Kyle’s day would be complete.

Thank goodness he and Max share the same tastes in women.

“Hey,” a female voice called from the direction of the gate. “Need any help?”

Kyle’s ears registered Max’s wolf whistle, but his eyes could barely take in the sight. It was Hot Blonde.

Someone up there was listening to him.

Up close, Hot Blonde was way hotter. Her long, tanned legs seemed longer, but that could be because of the short shorts she was wearing, shorts that were frayed at the hem and that emphasized her slim thighs and legs. A delicious expanse of tanned midriff was exposed by the light polo shirt she was wearing, the ends of which she’d tied under her breasts. Was she tanned all over? Did she sunbathe in the nude?

Wild thoughts tangled up his tongue, and that was before he lifted his gaze further and zoomed in on her face. The symmetry of her features lent her a pretty look, but it was her bright, blue eyes that dominated her face. They bored into his own green ones, slamming into him with their intelligence and directness.

“I thought I’d be neighborly and welcome you to town. However, I’m not much of a cook, so instead of bringing a casserole, I decided to offer my services.” White teeth flashed. “I’m pretty good with…”—Did he imagine the slight pause that was somehow filled with innuendo? Or was that only him?—”…my hands.”