Sorry to be gone so long… terrible of me, I know. So what’s been happening in Sienna land?

  1. I think I mentioned before I’m doing a collaboration on a series of books with fellow author, Madison Blake. Madison is a popular author from Ellora’s Cave, and you’ll see more of her books soon! In collaboration with me, of course. *wink* You’re getting 2 authors for the price of 1. Wow! In fact, the first book is scheduled  to be published in late August.
  2. Aside from the collaboration, I’m also doing a spin-off series of the series in #1. I’ve already got two books planned. I’ve plans for a reader contest, which I’ll unveil soon.
  3. I’m also doing another series called Erotic Fairy Tales. Fairy tales have been a staple in my life growing up, and now as an adult, I still love fairy tale retellings, with or without the erotic elements. I hope you’ll love my spin on things. I’ve got 3 books planned here with more to come!
  4. My website is still undergoing construction, but I’ve put my foot down and told my website designer he better have the site up and running by end June or else!
  5. Oh, I’ve got some of my books on Inside Romance, a new romance bookstore. They’re giving a 20% discount on all books until tomorrow!! Last day!! Coupon code: GRAND20  Support this new venture (and me!) by buying my books there. Let’s not let the big conglomerates (you know who I’m talking about) have a monopoly on our book buying practices!

Till next time!


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