Tales of Enchantment by Kai Andersen only $2.99!

ka_talesofenchantment_200x300My friend, Kai Andersen, published her Tales of Enchantment books into one dazzling, fairy tale collection only at $2.99! (You save around 50% when you get this instead of getting all individually)

It’s a steal with close to 100,000 words in 3 stories!

Buy link: Amazon

Here’s an excerpt for you to enjoy: From The Question of Royalty: (book 2)

You’re the best thing that’s happened to me.

The words that Frederick hadn’t been able to utter last night hovered now on his lips. He’d been uncomfortable with the notion of telling her, but he’d practiced all night until the words felt right and natural on his tongue.

He knocked.

“Come in.”

“Serena, I have something –”

“What are you doing here?” She scrambled to sit on the bed and pull the blankets over herself.

He rushed inside, the bowls rattling against each other on the tray he carried. “Don’t get up. You’re sick.”

“Don’t be silly, I only have a little fever.”

“Still, we can’t be too careful about these things.” He placed the tray on the bedside table.

“What were you saying when you came in?”

“Oh, that.” He felt a bit warm. “Just that I brought you medicine and lunch.”

Where was the suave prince who’d seduced girls with his tongue?

“Is that one of Mrs. Goode-Heart’s concoctions?”

“Yes, why?” He picked up the bowl of clear liquid that Mrs. Goode-Heart had said Serena should drink before her meal.

Serena made a face. “I don’t like it. I drank some early this morning and it’s bitter.”

“But you’re better now because of it.” He handed her the bowl. “Be a good girl, and drink it all up.”

“Who appointed you my father?” She grumbled, but took the bowl and proceeded to drink it all in one go.

He didn’t want to be her father.


“Good girl.”

Damn it, he sounded like a father.

He took the bowl from her and replaced it with the tray across her lap. “Eat up.”

Her face was comical in her dismay. “Porridge?”

“Hey, porridge’s my favorite.” He pulled up the chair from her vanity and placed it beside the bed. “See, it’s even got meat inside. I’m sure it’s very tasty.”

“Nice try, Frederick. If you like it so much, take it.”

Frederick laughed. “C’mon, Serena. Don’t you want to leave this room? I’m sure you must be bored to death, staying in here the whole morning, doing nothing but twiddling your thumbs.”

“Now that’s a more persuasive argument.” She took a cautious taste of the porridge, found it acceptable and began to eat with gusto.

“Last night…why did you leave?”

“I’ve told you.” He noted how she avoided his gaze. “I don’t want to disrupt your life anymore. Anyway, it’s been raining for five days; it ought to be stopping soon.”

“That’s what you think. Have you looked out the windows this morning?”



“It’s still raining.”

“Even harder than the previous days. Where do you think you’d be right now if I hadn’t caught you?” He hated to see her flinch from his hard tone, but he had a point to make.

“Halfway out of Repling Forest, I imagine.”

“Shivering to death in the middle of Repling Forest is more like it. Lost, probably being hunted by boars and other wild animals out there.”

“It’s storming.” Serena lifted her chin. “I doubt if the animals are out there.”

He made a frustrated sound. “If the animals have enough sense to stay in their houses during a storm, you’d think an intelligent human such as you would know it too.” He got up, unable to sit still any longer. He paced the length of the room. “If it’s me you object to, I promise to be on my best behavior from now on. You won’t have any more cause to complain –”


He whirled around. “What?”

“Come and kiss me.”

He stared at her warily. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Though she didn’t admit it last night, he had perceived that she wasn’t ready for the physical part of their relationship yet. At the same time, he didn’t want to give her any more reason to run away. That was why he’d decided to cut her some slack, to give her time to grow accustomed to him. After all, they’d met just four days ago.

“Then I’ll have to go to you.”

He watched in stupefaction as she got down from the bed and walked toward him. He was so surprised that he stumbled back a step or two.

A smile teased the corner of her lips, but she kept coming. “Is this the Frederick I know?”

“Stop right there.” He winced at the desperate note in his voice. “You might want to rethink this.”

Get it now from Amazon.



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