Happy New Year!

I realized it’s been a year since I last wrote a post. *smiles embarrassingly* Life happens…and it’s in the past.

For this new year, I wish to make a fresh start. I won’t call it New Year’s Resolutions because we know where those will eventually end up. I’d rather call them goals for the new year–writing goals, to be precise.

Daily writing. It doesn’t matter how many words, but it’s important to write daily. Okay, I’ll make it at least 100 words a day. In a month, I’ll have 3,000 words. In a 10,000 word novella, that’s about 1/3 of the way.

Erotic Series. I’ve started several series in years past and left everyone hanging. I’m very sorry about that. And so, while new ideas percolate in my brain, I’ll let them remain as such while I finish up the series I’ve started.

For 2015, here are my series to finish/complete:

Threesome series: Threesome Interlude and Threesome Play are out. Next in line are Threesome Heat and Threesome Bonds.

Wicked Fantasies: Sun, Sand and Sexy Bodies is out. Next in line are 3 more books for which I don’t have working titles.

New Romance Series. I’m collaborating with a friend on a new paranormal series. It’ll be a romance series, so I’ll probably have a new pen name. We’re building the world and we’ve the outlines of at least 3 stories, so more on this later.


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