Coming Soon: Playing Scarlet

I’ve a new book coming out in January, and it’s the first in a new series called Play for Love, which take us on a journey and answer the questions: What happens after the fairy tale? Or, more specifically, after the happy-ever-after?

You’ll see that some happy-ever-after’s in the fairy tales are…misleading. They give the appearance of “happy”, but something else lurks beneath the surface. I took some liberties here and there in the books, but you’ll still recognize some aspects of the original fairy tales, and you’ll be able to identify some of the characters. What the stories all have in common is that they begin after the original fairy tales ended.

Entitled PLAYING SCARLET, this first book in the series is a naughty little story–well, Scarlet was being naughty, and her men have to make her see the light.

Here’s a sneak peek. The blurb is still unofficial, so any mistakes are mine.

Scarlet London has been naughty in graduate class, doing things she shouldn’t. Only she knows this is deliberate, in hopes to attract the attention of her delicious Professor James and his wolfish teaching assistant, the equally delectable Robert.

However, James decides she needs punishment for her delinquent acts. And when Robert joins in, they have a lot of fun Playing Scarlet.

Note: Delightful, sexy mayhem ensues! This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, spanking and light bondage, ménage a trois (m/f/m) and some male/male practices.


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